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Sit Up Straight Why Don't YOU!

Look Better, Move Better, Feel Better?
Once upon a time, my mom told me to “stand up straight, hold your shoulders back, and stop slouching.” But honestly it didn’t feel right, it felt better to slouch. I thought, maybe I was different and maybe my body was meant to slouch. The reality was that somewhere along the way and probably many times along the way, I had a bump, a trip, a fall, a slip, or some physical event that led to misalignments in my spinal structure. 

Spinal alignment is the structural determination of your posture. Poor posture on the outside will become the norm, based on poor alignment on the inside produced by the spine. Misalignment in the spinal column and pelvis will effect the body’s frame and how we unconsciously position ourselves. Healthcare professionals around the world agree that posture is a fundamental component of health and proper human function. Postural awareness is an exact healthcare strategy that can and will improve how you look, move, and feel. Posture is pivotal to overall health. Is posture improvement one of your healthcare goals?

Ill posture is a societal epidemic leading to potential devastating health affects. Decreased alignment, leading to poor posture may result in decreased organic function and decline in body’s physiological function. Research shows that excessive forward head posture decreases lung capacity up to 30 percent. Often times in our clinic, individuals with misalignments will notice an improved ability to breath as a result of spine correction. Abnormal muscle tension in the neck due to poor posture patterns will even influence blood pressure and heart rate. Forward head posture leads to a rounding of the shoulders causing rotator cuff stress, and eventually tears requiring surgery. Male patients who present with a forward rounding of the mid back and associated height loss are at a significant increased risk of heart attack. Likewise, females with mid back kyphosis have been shown to have an increased risk of early death! Listen people, our mothers and grandmothers have been right all along, posture matters!

Many aspects of your health will directly impact your structural alignment your posture. What can you do?

1.Exercise is a must. We recommend cross training because it presents multiple ways of exercising to stimulate all aspects of the body. For example, one day you may walk for 30 minutes. The next day you can spend 10 minutes simply stretching. A couple days later you may do some light weight bearing exercise or core strengthening. These activities do not take that much time, simply commitment. It can make a huge difference! If you have pain with exercise or walking, call Blue Mountain Chiropractic immediately for a spinal check up. 

2.Managing your mental stress. What?!? Does this mean mental emotional stress affects posture??? You better believe it does! Stress causes us to carry our body differently, which then actually creates more stress. Stress management strategies may be counseling, prayer, mediation, or intentional relaxation time outside away from the TV. You deserve it!

3.Proper nutrition. Supplying your body all the minerals you need to help prevent muscle cramps and abnormal muscle tightness is vital. For example, deficiency in magnesium and calcium will have negative affects on your muscles which makes your body weaker.

4. Spinal alignment is critical for your body to express its best posture. Without spinal alignment, correct posture is not even possible. The structure of your spine determines your posture. Correct spinal alignment will improve your gait causing less wear and tear on joints. It can improve sleeping posture too. Which allows you to move better they next day, have less pain, and have more restful sleeping overall.

Signs that you need a spinal check up may be the inability to sleep on both sides, tingling or numbness in hands or feet, pain in back or neck, headaches, waking up with pain, degenerative disc disease, or sports injuries. If you are concerned about your posture, have a spinal check up today!

Blue Mountain Chiropractic
Drs. Michael and Tara Hogan D.C.

Source: American Posture Institute 


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