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Why Birthing 3 Babies at Home Does NOT Make Me Superwoman

A common question asked in my town is "Where did you birth?" Mainly because many folks opt to give birth in a hospital out of town about 30 minutes away. When I get asked this question and I answer "I gave birth at home" I get some interesting reactions. One of the most common comments I get is "WOW you are brave" or "You must be superwoman!"  Their response automatically implies  that what I did  to them was inherently dangerous and that I had to have more courage than most women to accomplish this task. In my opinion, I was exactly the opposite of this. I did not have to have courage or have to be any "stronger' than the average woman. I simply had knowledge.

Knowledge of what my body was supposed to do and then let my body do its thing. I gained this knowledge from books. You know, those low tech things that contain priceless information? I also learned a lot from some higher tech resources like youtube. I watched a lot of gentle bir…