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Why Dr. Mike and I are Chiropractors...

Dr. Tara Hogan’s Story:
As a competitive gymnast by the age of 11, Dr. Tara found herself flying through the air often but not always landing on her feet. This trend continued on throughout her life as she transitioned from gymnastics to track and field, specifically pole vaulting. In high school and college she was falling an average of 10-11 feet, and sometimes landing poorly on her head and neck. Performing as a collegiate athlete, she developed sciatica symptoms, which landed her in the athletic trainer’s office and in the ice bath most nights after practice. At the age of 22 she graduated with a Bachelors in English and chronic pain. After discovering chiropractic and maintaining care for one year, she realized that she had felt the best she had ever felt in her entire life. Athletically she was performing better in the gym and running road races faster than ever before. She believes chiropractic is responsible for the active lifestyle she has been leading many years after her col…

People Love To Ask: So, How's Business???

This is a question that always seems to get under my skin as a chiropractor. I think many people ask it as an innocent way to shoot the breeze or inquire about if you are happy doing what you have been doing recently, but I also get the feeling there are a lot of people who also ask me this, specifically wondering if  people actually go to the chiropractor and like it and if they do, do they actually pay for it?

How often would you ask your MD this question?

It seems to me that everywhere I go I can hear people talking about their pain or health problems. I think we can all agree that there is definitely a healthcare need...

So does chiropractic work?
The truth is, our patients are happy, feeling healthier and more functional, and they are generally referring others patients to us. So I'd say he answer to this question, yes!
How about:
 Doctor, is your clinic full of patients?
It will be as long as gravity, trauma, bad food, and mental stress exists on earth.
It will continu…