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Are You Trying to Bully Me!?

I have been thinking a lot about struggles we have as parents. Being a parent really places the weight of the world on top of you. This is a PERSON'S LIFE we have the pleasure of molding. 0-6 they say are the most impressionable times of a person's life. I think about all the big and small things that my kids have already experienced. All we want as parents is to ensure our kids come out to be good people. (most of us anyway) It is always interesting to me when I take my kids to a public park and just watch all of the kids running around. I think about why the "bully" is the way he/she is. I think about why the "antisocial" child is the was he/she is. In my opinion it all has to do with love. How can we stop the vicious cycle of bullying? Can a stranger stop the vicious cycle of bullying?

Last weekend at the park a little boy about 3 years old ran into the back of my legs and began hitting me as hard as he could. A perfect stranger, a 3 year old was bullyin…

A Great Week for the Hogans!

This summer has been crazy, as many summers are when you have small children. Working hard in the office, traveling,  trying to staying organized, attending events, finding sitters etc. But I have been feeling quite a pay off this week.

 I always feel myself chugging away at the practice. Wondering when patients are finally going to "get it." YES! I answer so many times, your indigestion is related to your back pain! YES! your blood pressure is lower because of your atlas adjustments. THE ANSWER IS YES! Your nervous system controls everything in your body and when the bony spinal column in alignment, your nervous system heals you! IT controls everything! All this hard work is paying off because many of our patients are "getting it."

I am happy to report, not only am I seeing more kids because parents are starting to "get it" but my kid patients are doing fabulous. So great, that one of them even included me in her evening prayers. Wow.  I love this job.


Proud to be an American Chiropractor

Proud to Be American, Proud to Be Chiropractors
 We are blessed to be part of a profession, the third largest healing art in United States and in the World. Chiropractic originated and was developed in our very own Davenport, Iowa. Chiropractic is a natural philosophy of healing that assists the body in overcoming pain and disease. The first adjustment was delivered in 1895 to Harvey Lillard, a man who had lost his hearing after an accident involving his head and neck. After just a few spinal adjustments, his hearing had been totally restored. This chiropractic adjustment was the first step to science’s understanding of the relationship between the structure of the spine and the function of our body’s health. In order to have a properly functioning body, you must have a healthy and aligned spine.

 The importance of spinal alignment improves the function of your nervous system. The nerves in your body, control all functions in your body for example: muscle …